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Quantum computers and A.I.

The Quantum computer should enter a serious phase by year 2025. Simply put commercial and much more powerful units will be available by that time, and that is a bit of time considering the speed at which they are developing.

If I have a normal computer that has 10,000 transitors for example only, to double the power I add another 10,000 transitors. In a Quantum computer if I had 10,000 qbits, and I added another 10,000 qbits, the power would go up by 2^10,000; that’s gigantic !.

The “Good, the Bad and the Ugly”:

Two thirds of our universe we will begin to see, and that will immediately impact on science like chemistry, where calculations so small will be able to be done for the first time. Medicine and bio-chemistry, material science, solid state physics are others.

Artificial intelligence can machine learn one task well, in fact very well. A robot machine may do the washing but not the dishes. Multi-tasking not yet by some distance but, with Quantum computers an unknown now exists.

Artificial intelligence(A.I.) is in fact just starting, and soon A.I. will start doing jobs very well, albeit not “the special job” just yet. True depth vision can see millions of sewing maching sewing away, without people, besides cars. Manufacturing industries may return to their countries of origin, for why not. So A.I. can be applied everywhere even for security checking beyond picture analysis.

Imagine a powerful A.I. security program that learns everything about students at schools throughout The USA, or in fact any organisation in The USA that could be threatened in some way. Powerful A.I. in micro-seconds could check Face Book posts, locate picture ID, search Twitter, and search everything available on social media and even the Dark Net. 

Every conceivable link to the behaviour of suspect/s could be identified. Human error/s would be extremely impossible, for the A.I. would follow cross check, investigate links, posts, everything.
Visual identification even in cameras and/or by the way a person walks, would immediately ID that person anywhere near a school, government agency, building, hospital, trainline, bus stop, public gathering of any kind and so on; it will become very powerful to help and protect our children.

The bad aspect is that it may take many jobs in manufacturing, and business communications.
We also become extremely dependent on such systems. 

“Hacking and The Russians”, clearly depict a behaviour that is not  trivial but indead serious.
The Russians lead slightly with Quantum computers, and in year 2025 or sooner will break blockchain security systems and that’s ugly.

We need Quantum 101 in our schools now, and Quantum engineering at our univserities the day after.
All federal and state agencies need their own division as soon as possible.


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