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A new Golden Era -

With 5G, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics, Quantum computers by 2015, India & China lifting their populations to middle class, and exponential growth in renewable technologies all combining for a “perfect storm”. This storm by 2030 should lead to the beginning of a new Golden Era. Australia will grow solar fuels to year 2050, and self power will grow dramatically.

The perceived deprivation globally, which is responsible for Trumpism & Brexitism, should be smashed by a new Golden Era. However antibiotic resistant diseases and climate change remain, as two serious threats moving forward.
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A.I. & Fake News

Artificial intelligence can determine all human possible reactions to a particular event. It only takes the event details to be entered and what could be written with all possible attachments, would be written and placed in categories like “positive”, “negative” and “neutral”.

Viewers would then be able to read what each category would say, so each perspective could be interpreted. If one thinks about it this is done already if one assesses options on media stories.
After all there would be a range limit on opinions anyway, so why not let AI automate the process.

Viewers would be able to read all perspectives and more categories could be added.

History repeating - 1920s

In The Great Depression hundreds of millions of people suffered real deprivation. Their minds and behaviours were catastrophically affected by this serious situation.

In desperation the masses sought leadership forward and they got Franco, Mussulini and Hitler.
Their values were slowly morphed along the way, and Fascism took hold in a most dangerous way along with Nationalism.

Hitler destroyed the unions and the socialists, and took particular aim at The Jews and forward communism. National socialism was a ploy and not Democratic Socialism.

In the world today, many commentators have used immigration to describe the growth in nationalism throughout the world. When Trump was elected as The Republican candidate it was said, “Damage done”. Recently Anthony Albanese in Australia, indicated that poorer voters were not happy with what “they have” in their minds, which is their perception. The people affected amount to hundreds of millions of people in the free world, that can relate to the …

Fuel Cell Vehicle Alliance of Australia

The fuel cell powered forklift market is expanding, and has proven itself economically over many years. Walmart and numerous other distribution warehouse now seek fuel cell electric forklifts.

A proven smaller fuel cell electric power plant as in forklifts as above, can easily be downsized further to facilitate electric powered scooters, motor cycle scooters, electric bicycles, and electric wheelchairs , and all other small transporters; in fact this should become the norm before year 2025.

Fuel cell powered heavy freight is another being seriously planned for in the world along with existing fuel cell powered buses. Heavy freight vehicles from Nikola are planned for commercial release in year 2023, that can do 1,200 kls, and near term output from Nikola is within several years.
Nikola also plan 700 hydrogen stations by year 2028 along transport routes.

Fuel cell vehicles by Toyota, Hyundai, Honda and others are commercial, and will soon enter Australia. If these vehicles can reverse …

Carbon Trading in Australia-blockchain

Blockchain is in the symbol heading this blog site. Blockchain software is used behind crypto currencies , providing unbreakable accounting information and contract information on all participants. Blockchain logic is currently unbreakable.

Blockchain can be used in many areas for many reasons, and in the energy demand and supply within it can be of extreme function and use.
Embedded solar PV and energy storage in say NSW, from all homes, businesses, companies and alike, can participate in a program using blockchain on a grand scale.Supply from participants would be precisely known once permissions were received. Costs, savings, each supplier, how much, and much more all being known precisely. 
Image demand for electricity day/night being managed this way to a point, that a coal fired power station could be eliminated completely.
Carbon trading credits in a Carbon Trading System would be precisely known and allocated !

Australia - Carbon Trading

Energy storage systems in The US to date, have resulted in higher green house gas(GHG) emissions.The reason is that such economic viable systems store energy at night when power prices are cheap, and then release such during the day; makes financial sense of course and its called arbitrage. The end economic advantage happens during the day, and it’s the cost of course.

The problems involve that such energy saving at night being cheaper, and returned during the day competes with what’s on the market, and that included of course natural gas peaking plants, which emit lower GHGs. “Peakers” can throttle back unlike baseload coal fired plants which are designed to run efficiently at their “sweet spot”, and such do this as energy storage systems flow their electricity into the grid, such electricity was made from coal fired power the night before, and the more GHG friendly natural gas peakers are throttled back. The result is a system increase in GHG emissions.

Secondly, large battery storage…

Electricity prices in Australia -Aug 2018

Have a good look at the electricity prices per kW/hr in each state of Australia, and pay particular attention to South Australia-as at August 2015