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The Parallel of Significance - 1995

In 1994/5 Xmas whilst holidaying up the coast of NSW (The Entrance -~120kls north of Sydney) I wrote the [ parallel of siginificance ].

It was quite unusal after a long bought of illness from 1978 but, as the sun set on the beach I raised my left arm and hand covering the setting sun, and placed it in the sea.

"A parallel of significance has been reached between, hydrogen in its nuclear sense as inour stars, with hydrogen in its humble chemical sense here on Earth". Stephen V Zorbas 1995.

Power to Gas (Australia) intro

Initial contact with The NSW Government three(3) years ago.

Market forces- transport and energy

Human behaviour in consumerism leads us to market analysis, yet sometimes market analysis tends to suggest new technologies will force consumers in their choices.

Empowerment of people regarding their choices, has been demonstrated in many areas outside of transport and energy, which suggests strong patterns that must be dealt with or overcome.

Real transitions are incremental and take many years to happen, and with energy and transport the same applies.

In transport consumers demand a car that is affordable and reliable, to get them their freedom as regarding work and play. Brands like Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai , BMW, Ford, GM, and alike deliver this. The consumer is use to reliability and affordability.

New hybrid technologies involving petrol/electric cars, have been on the market for some years, and they are slightly more expensive yet deliver higher efficiency as in kls/ltr of petrol/gas. The hybrid transport vehicle cannot be overlooked, as this market can grow as fuel costs rise, as i…

Australia unlimited

With global risk and instability on the increase, energy security is essential.

Right wing politics is spreading like a cancer, trade wars are looming and a GFC2 is coming. Add timing stress for global warming and we are heading towards a complicated period between years 2020 and 2030.

Further to this Quantum computers capable of smashing blockchain security systems are closer to year 2025, notwithsatnding the massive benefit and change that will happen in medical science, engineering and new material science.

With solar PV been predicted to become cheaper than carbon central commercial electricity by year 2025, and battery/other storage getting cheaper, the "writing is on the wall". The energy transfromation will be near complete by year 2030.

Australia now predicts embedded solar PV/storage to be at 90% for consumers both private and business,by year 2030.Micro-grids as well will integrate with utilities, so the poor and underprivileged are covered first.

Central generators of …

Electricity in Australia

The underlying design principle is that there is an amount of electrical power that is in constant demand, known as baseload. At night coal fired power stations “tick over” so a base lowest level is demanded, and such stations must keep running without stopping. When demand peaks during certain times of the day, such as in the morning when people wake-up and prepare to go to work or the evening when they return home and start operating appliances or plugging in their electric cars, utilities activate "peakers" or generators that sit idle most of the time so they can meet dynamic demand during these peak cycles. Managing these ever-changing loads is required to balance the utility's system, and peak cycles have always been difficult for utilities.

Coal fired power plants never lay idle because you want to keep them operating at their peak performance.
All decisions now moving forward are critical, as we are at that point, an irreversible process from here on. It’s going to …