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Fuel Cell Vehicle Alliance of Australia

The fuel cell powered forklift market is expanding, and has proven itself economically over many years. Walmart and numerous other distribution warehouse now seek fuel cell electric forklifts.

A proven smaller fuel cell electric power plant as in forklifts as above, can easily be downsized further to facilitate electric powered scooters, motor cycle scooters, electric bicycles, and electric wheelchairs , and all other small transporters; in fact this should become the norm before year 2025.

Fuel cell powered heavy freight is another being seriously planned for in the world along with existing fuel cell powered buses. Heavy freight vehicles from Nikola are planned for commercial release in year 2023, that can do 1,200 kls, and near term output from Nikola is within several years.
Nikola also plan 700 hydrogen stations by year 2028 along transport routes.

Fuel cell vehicles by Toyota, Hyundai, Honda and others are commercial, and will soon enter Australia. If these vehicles can reverse charge when parked at ones place of employment, fifteen(15) of these lets say, could generate a MW of electricity whilst parked and collect premium rates on such power, and as well carbon credits if that hydrogen is from renewable sources.

Electricity credits and carbon credits can be gained from the consumer whilst they are at work, and blockchain would do the math.

Business could of course use them directly, and governments could give rebate credits when buying them.

City travel for such fuel cell electric cars entering the city of sydney, would be encouraged as the FCV cleans the air as it goes and emits no pollution.

The water emitted by such FCVs has just been formed from gases, and is highly desirable as a most pure water. The water is as well valuable.

Parked FCVs as work can collect quite a bit of water during the day supplying electricity, along with getting carbon credits, the water harvested can be cooled down and bottled as pure “FCV” water and sold as a unique product. No other water could compete with its purity.


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